Stonefly Exuvia

Subject: Huh?
Location: Red Deer, Alberta, Canada
February 9, 2014 11:48 am
Hi there,
In April 2013, we were sitting under a bridge by the river, when we noticed these guys all over the wall. They were about 5 cm long and didn’t move much (we however found we moved very quickly).
Signature: with love, confusion and the heebie jeebies

Stonefly Exuvia
Stonefly Exuvia

This is the exuvia of a Stonefly, a flying insect that spends its immature development as an aquatic naiad.  When maturity approaches, the naiad leaves the water and molts for the last time, emerging as a winged adult Stonefly.  Here is an image of a similar looking Stonefly Exuvia from BugGuide.

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