Unknown BUg???
June 4, 2010
I found the two of these up at my parents a couple of weeks ago. The female appears to be the larger of the two, with her abdomen/ thorax now curled up to the back side of her wings protecting eggs. The smaller is @ 1 1/4″ in length, the larger @ 1 1/2″ in length. Can you tell me what this is? Thank you.
Becky Kopka
Staples, MN


Hi Becky,
These are Stoneflies in the order Plecoptera.  According to BugGuide in a posting with an aversion to punctuation:  “nymphs occur primarily under stones in cool unpolluted streams; some species occur along rocky shores of cold lakes, in cracks of submerged logs, and debris that accumulates around stones, branches, and water diversion grills spring and summer adults may be found resting on stones and logs in the water, or on leaves and trunks of trees and shrubs near water; winter stoneflies are often attracted to concrete bridges over streams, and some species are commonly found on snow or resting on fence posts during the warmer days of late winter

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