Subject: Night crawler…….
Location: Gilbert, Arizona
April 13, 2017 3:52 am
I was up at 3 am, on my phone. I felt something move on my arm, and instantly this and my brand new iphone were hurling across the room onto the tile. It must have been stunned because it took it a couple minutes to move so I could find it.
I must be done sleeping for the night because I keep having random creepy crawlie sensations.
Lived in this house 14. May not be 15….
Signature: sleepless in arizona

Stone Centipede

Dear sleepless in Arizona,
Though there isn’t much detail in your image, we can determine this Centipede has 15 pairs of legs, leading us to believe, based on BugGuide, that it is a Stone Centipede. We suspect it accidentally wandered into the house and had not been living there long.

Thank you.  I forgot to mention it was about an inch long.   I had taken the picture before I found your site.
Here is another picture without the flash.
Thank you for identifying it for me.
Location: Gilbert, Arizona

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