Stink Bug from South Africa

Subject: Please Help
Location: Ceres South Africa
January 17, 2016 6:28 am
Please help me to identify this bug.
We have got an infestation of these bugs.
Your assistance would be very much appreciated!
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Stink Bug
Stink Bug

This is a Stink Bug in the family Pentatomidae, and our identification was negatively impacted because one of our best sources for South African identifications, iSpot, is currently offline.  We found a matching image on Biodiversity Explorer identified as Antestiopsis orbitalis, but there is no other information.  Project Noah also has a matching image.  We found the most information on the Plantwise Knowledge Bank where the host plants is listed as coffee.  Perhaps you grow coffee nearby.  Damage to plants is noted as “Economic losses can occur as follows:
Losses due to the shedding of the young fruits. These losses are difficult to quantify.
Losses due to the occurrence of the fungus Nematospora spp. (Endomycetales) in the fruit following Antestiopsis wounding.
Losses due to infested beans which are the most significant. The percentage of infested beans is very variable, from 10 to 32% or more without treatment.
Moreover, in the great lakes area of East Africa, arabica coffee can develop an undesirable taste known as ‘peasy’, ‘goût de pomme de terre (GPDT)’ or ‘erbsig’. This reduces the quality of the commercial coffee. The taste is due to a bacterium belonging to the family of Enterobacteriaceae which has not yet been fully identified. Studies carried out in Burundi by Bouyjou et al. (1999) showed a link between the number of beans affected by the bug and the percentage of cups with the ‘peasy taste’. This work showed that protection against
A. orbitalis made it possible to obtain a significant reduction in infested beans as well as a lower rate of tainted cups.”  We do not provide extermination advice, but there are suggestions on the Plantwise Knowledge Bank

Dear Daniel
Thank you so very much for the info.
Any idea if it would bite humans?
Kind regards
Reuben Roux

Hi Reuben,
We once heard it stated that “if it has a mouth, it might bite” but we feel getting bitten by a Stink Bug is highly unlikely.

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