Litchi Stink Bug from India

Unidentified Bug
Location: Western Ghats, South India, India
August 2, 2011 12:42 am
Hi, my name is Gaurav and i am from Goa, India. I found this bug at various forest places in the Western ghats region. its about 3cm long. usually seen in rain forest areas.
Signature: Gaurav Shirodkar

Litchi Stink Bug

Dear Guarav,
This is either a Stink Bug in the family Pentatomidae, or a Shield Bug in the family Scutellaridae.  We sometimes have trouble distinguishing them apart, especially with tropical species.  We will try to get an exact species identification for you.

Litchi Stink Bug

Update:  January 20, 2017
Thanks to a comment from lustin, we are thrilled to update this posting with the identification of Tessaratoma papillosa in the Large Stink Bug family Tessaratomidae, and matching images of the Litchi Stink Bug on The Invasive Species Compendium.

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