Stink Bug nymph from Brazil

Subject: Gem on legs
Location: Teresopolis, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
March 2, 2014 9:19 am
We spent about half an hour chasing this beauty with our camera, randomly shooting and battling the autofocus sabotage system.
It was parading on the main paved road of the Serra dos Orgaos National Park, Teresopolis.
The colours remind me of a pest beetle from my youth, an American import which was harmfull to our European crops during the 80’s.
But the form and texture of its shield are more complex.
Signature: LickaFoot

Stink Bug Nymph
Stink Bug Nymph

Dear LickaFoot,
This is an immature Stink Bug nymph in the family Pentatomidae, or possibly a nymph of a Shield Bug in a closely related family Scutelleridae.  We are posting the image and we hope to be able to provide you with a species identification soon.  Shield Bugs are sometimes called Jewel Bugs because of their bright metallic coloration.

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