Stink Bug from Malaysia: Paracritheus trimaculatus

Subject: Shield bug (?) in Penang, Malaysia
Location: Penang Island (Pulau Pinang), Malaysia
January 18, 2013 3:49 am
Hi, we found this insect on our window in Penang, Malaysia. I haven’t been able to identify, but we think it’s a stink bug (shield bug). Please help? Many thanks!
Signature: Yen

Stink Bug

Dear Yen,
We agree that this is a Stink Bug, and we found a matching photo on FlickR, but it is not identified beyond the family level.  We also found a nymph of what appears to be the same species on FlickR, but again, it is only identified to the family level.

Thanks so much, Daniel! We enjoyed looking at the photo of the nymph as well. There are so many interesting insects here, but we (sadly) have not been able to find a decent field guide (such as Peterson field guides) for tropical insects. We would love a recommendation if you have one.
Thanks again,

Sorry we have no Malaysian Field Guide recommendations, but perhaps one of our readers will be able to assist.

Karl provides an Identification:  Paracritheus trimaculatus
Hi Daniel and Yen:
I believe it is a Paracritheus trimaculatus (Pentatomidae: Pentatominae: Hoplistoderini). As far as I can tell the genus only has the one species. I tracked it down in “The Fauna of British India, Including Ceylon and Burma:  Rhynchota – Volume I” (Distant 1902). Once I had a name I was able to find two sets of images on Flickr: here and here. According to Distant, the species is “common on the Malay Peninsula, and found in many islands of the Malayan Archipelago”, so I am a little surprised that online information is so scarce. It has also been collected in the Philippines. Regards.  Karl

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