Stink Bug

Subject: Bedbug or no?
Location: Orlando
February 27, 2016 8:50 am
There’s debate on if this is a bedbug? Location is Central Florida it is 60 degrees out and it was found in my girlfriends hair this morning. There is debate on if it’s a bedbug.
Signature: Bedbug Boogyman

Stink Bug
Stink Bug

Dear Bedbug Boogyman,
You are going to have to change your name to Stink Bug Boogyman as this is not a Bed Bug.  Bed Bugs do not have wings.  We suspect this Stink Bug accidentally flew into your girlfriend’s coif.

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  1. The brown marmorated stink bug is more likely to invade homes in the fall than others in the family. During courtship, the male emits pheromones and vibrational signals to communicate with a female, which replies with her own vibrational signals, as in all stink bugs. The animals use the signals to recognize and locate each other. Vibrational signals of this species are noted for their low frequency , and one male signal type is much longer than any other previously described signals in stink bugs, although the significance of this is not yet clear.


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