Stinging Rose Caterpillar

Subject: strange caterpillar
Location: Rolla, MO
August 24, 2013 12:07 pm
Hi, I found this on my Japanese Maple tree this a.m. It’s beautiful but scary all at once. I live in Central Missouri.
Thanks so much!
Signature: Sarah Farmer

Stinging Rose Caterpillar
Stinging Rose Caterpillar

Dear Sarah,
Handle the Stinging Rose Caterpillar,
Parasa indetermina, with caution, as it is capable of producing a painful sting.  Interestingly, BugGuide does not list maple among the food plants, which are listed as:  “Hosts of the stinging rose caterpillar include apple, cottonwood, dogwood, hickory, oak, redbud, sycamore and rose bushes.”

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