Subject: Wasp or mayfly?
Location: Victorville, California
March 21, 2016 9:53 am
There are a large number of these bugs around our house. They seem to be attracted to our porch lights and congregate in groups of anywhere to 20 to more than 50. Some flew into our house last night and I think I got stung or bit while picking one up to take back outside. They also move like wasps but don’t seem to be very aggressive. However they seem to die very quickly – I swept our porch yesterday and this morning there are dozens of dead or dying ones, which makes me think they are may flies. I tried doing some Google searches but didn’t find a lot of information. Any help is very much appreciated, as we have a small dog and a newborn.
Signature: Melissa



Dear Melissa,
This is an Ichneumon in the Ophionini tribe, and it is a member of a family of parasitic Wasps that are usually very host specific.  We believe this is the creature that is frequently confused with Crane Flies, especially when folks claim to have been stung by a Crane Fly.

Correction:  Netelia species
We just received a comment that while we have the family correct, the tribe and genus are not.  See BugGuide.

Location: Victorville, California

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  1. Genevieve Snow says:

    This is Netelia sp., tribe Phytodietini, you can tell by comparing the wing veins.

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