Stinging and Biting Information requested

Just Curious
Location: Huntington, WV
April 5, 2011 9:11 am
Absolutly LOVE the site. I have learned quite a bit about the insect world. I really appreciate what you all do here.
I do have one request. I do have a bad allergy to bee stings and some bug bites, as I’m sure many people do, and was wondering if it was possible to include in the info you provide whether the insect stings or bites? Would really help us with allergies out, especially those of us who play with bugs. LOL
Thanks for your help! And keep up the GREAT work.
Signature: Rick

Red Headed Centipede

Hi Rick,
Thanks for your suggestion.  We generally do make a comment if there is a chance that the creature in question might bite a person or if the creature is venomous.  Just try to use our search engine and see how many “stinging caterpillar” entries we have or “toxic milkweed grasshopper” mentions.  In case you are curious, we have 128 matches for “stinging caterpillar” and 25 matches for “toxic milkweed grasshopper”.  We caution readers about carelessly handling Assassin Bugs and we warn our readership that Toe-Biters bite.  We do not sensationalize the possibility of bee or wasp stings because they will not attack humans without provocation.
If we could think of one creature we would not want to be bitten by, it would probably be the Red Headed Centipedes found in Texas and Oklahoma.  We are running a photo of the Red Headed Centipede from our archives with your letter.  If the creature doesn’t bite, or if the bite poses no threat, we generally do not address the issue.

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