Stick Insect from South Africa

Subject: Weird stick looking bug/spider?
Location: Daniekskuil, Northern Cape
October 26, 2016 11:49 pm
Found the weird looking spider/bug looking thing early morning on my stoep.
Signature: I dont know? Advise?

Stick Insect
Stick Insect

There is not much critical detail in your image, but this appears to be a Walkingstick or Stick Insect in the order Phasmida.  You can browse iSpot for members of the order.

Good day,
Please see attached close up photos I took this morning, if it should help.
Kind regards,

Stick Bug or True Bug???
Stick Bug or True Bug???

Thanks for sending in more images Stephanie.  We still believe this is a Phasmid, but we would not rule out that it might be a True Bug like a Thread-Legged Bug or Water Scorpion.

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