Stick Insect from New Guinea

Subject:  What kind is it?
Geographic location of the bug:  Paupa New Guinea ( western Highlands)
Date: 01/06/2018
Time: 10:50 AM EDT
Worked up here for eight years never seen this one before
How you want your letter signed:  Don know what you mean

Stick Insect

This is a Stick Insect in the order Phasmida.  Spineless Wonders has some nice images of New Guinea Stick Insects, but none resemble your individual.  Perhaps one of our readers will recognize the species.

Stick Insect

Update:  Photoshop or not???
In trying to address a comment from SR that this is a photoshop creation, we maintain it is not, so we have cropped tighter to show more detail.  The original image has very low resolution.

4 thoughts on “Stick Insect from New Guinea”

    • The original file sent to us was very low resolution and most definitely NOT altered in PhotoShop. The wide angle lens does make objects closer to the camera appear disproportionately larger than they are. Notice how small the man’s feet look relative to the large hand in the foreground.

      • Ok, thanks, but why do you say it’s most definitely not altered? It’s not the size of the insect that makes me thinks it’s altered. It’s the lighting. The body of the insect is just too shiny, one of the upper portions is blurred and of a different color (it’s actually glowing), and some parts of the insect do not cast a shadow (see upper right leg).

        • We have included a close-up in the posting. The original was very low resolution. If this is in fact a photoshopped document, it is a good job. We still believe it is an unadulterated image.


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