Stick Insect in The Netherlands

Subject:  whats the name of this bug
Geographic location of the bug:  amsterdam, netherlands
Date: 04/22/2019
Time: 07:25 AM EDT
Your letter to the bugman:  the bug was found in the Hortus Botanicus Leiden in the Netherlands
it was walking on an ant plant
How you want your letter signed:  Rick

Stick Insect

Dear Rick,
At first we were quite puzzled by your image, and then it dawned upon us that this must be an immature Stick Insect in the Order Phasmida.  Beyond that, we are at a bit of a loss.  We are uncertain of the species or even if it is a native or introduced species for you, though we are leaning toward the latter.  Since you discovered this little critter in a botanical garden, the flora is likely from many locations on the planet, and if there is climate control, that flora might even include jungle species from the tropics.  When importing plants, it is quite easy to accidentally introduce insects, especially immature individuals or eggs.  Perhaps one of our readers who knows more about Phasmids will write in with a more specific identification.

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