Stick Insect from Guatemala

Subject:  Weird Walking Stick Scorpion
Geographic location of the bug:  Guatemala City, Guatemala Zone 15
Date: 09/17/2017
Time: 11:03 AM EDT
I have seen 3 of these in my garage lately. I would like to know what it is and if it is dangerous for my toddlers.
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We found what appears to be the same species of Walkingstick on Project Noah where it is identified as “Autolyca elena Gorochov & Berezin, 2008″ referred to as a Scorpion mimic:  “This is a walking stick which is imitating a scorpion. It is shiny black and carries the tail end curled up over the abdomen. It is remarkably like a scorpion in general appearance and behavior. However, it is phytophagous and not a predator nor can it sting. It also has extremely long antennae which are banded orange and black and of course, only 3 pair of legs. This is a male.”  There are also images on iNaturalist.  Some Stick Insects can spray chemical defenses, but we do not know if this is one of those species.

Thank you so much!  I am a bit more at ease with the fact that it does not sting!

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