Stick Insect from Australia probably Children's Stick Insect

Subject: Stick insect species.
Location: Royalla, NSW Australia
January 12, 2013 6:26 am
Hi, Bug Man!
We found a stick insect clinging to the bricks on a friend’s pattio.
It was a ridiculous 36 degrees and windy.
We’re from Australia, in Royalla NSW.
Just interested to know what species it is. I have more photos – He/She is pinky/green along her/his body, leafy green wings, red legs and kind of a squarish back.
We’ve named him/her ”Pete”. 🙂
Signature: Hannah

Children’s Stick Insect, we believe

Dear Hannah,
Your photos are not the best quality, but they definitely show the size and shape of this Stick Insect, which we believe most closely resembles the Children’s Stick Insect,
Tropidoderus childrenii, which can be viewed on the Brisbane Insect website.  The photos we have located online all show green legs and your individual definitely has red legs.  The Oz Animals website provides this information:  “Children’s Stick Insect is a medium sized stick insect. Females are larger and bulkier than males, and usually green, but can also be pinkish or cream. The wings are yellowish with bright patches of yellow and blue at the base. Males are slender and light reddish brown. Both males and both the males and females have two pairs of wings. Males are strong fliers, but females are too bulky to fly well. They rely on camouflage to avoid predators. When threatened, Children’s Stick Insect will spread its wings showing the yellow and blue markings. Nymphs have a yellow stripe running along the length of the body. When at rest, the nymphs will align themselves on the leaf so yellow stripe aligns with the leaf midvein.”  We believe Pete is a male.

Probably Children’s Stick Insect
Children’s Stick Insect, we believe.

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