Stick Insect from Colombia

Subject: Phasmid
Location: Alto Anchicaya, Colombia
March 30, 2014 12:28 pm
Can you help me with the genus or family of this phasmid. It was very camouflaged when I first found it, but did this threat display when I got close.
Signature: Colin Hutton

Stick Insect
Stick Insect

Dear Colin,
This is a gorgeous photo of a gorgeous Stick Insect or Phasmid.  We are posting your photo and we will attempt identification later this afternoon.  If any of our readers have any ideas, we hope they will write and let us know.

Hi Daniel and Colin:
I believe this Stick Insect belongs to the genus Prisopus (Family Prisopodidae; Subfamily Prisopodinae; Tribe Prisopodini). At least half a dozen species of the genus can be found in Colombia but, unfortunately, neither the photo provided by Colin nor the resources available on the internet provide enough information to enable easy or definitive identification of the species. I found several images of P. horstokkii that appear to be a good match, but I don’t think that’s quite it. It could be P. horridus. According to Conle et al. (2011; The Stick Insects of Colombia) the principal difference between the two species is that  “…P. horridus differs by: the presence of distinct spines on the head…” (page 337), a feature that appears evident to me on Colin’s insect.  I hope this helps. Regards. Karl

Thanks so much for embarking upon this research Karl.  We are currently undergoing some changes in our internet delivery and our email has had a few interruptions.

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