Dorcus Brevis or Dorcus parallelus???
Hey bugman,
I found this small beetle (about half an inch long or so) under a rotting log at the edge of the woods behind our house here in Seymour, Tennessee. I know its a stag beetle in the genus Dorcus, but would love to know which of the two Dorcus species found in the US it is. anyway i hope you enjoy the photo. any help would be appreciated. Thanks again for one of my favorite websites.
Michael D.

Hi Michael,
We would love to be able to provide you with an exact species, but that level of taxonomy is way beyone our capabilities. If Eric Eaton and BugGuide can’t do it, we are not going to be much help. We noticed you have already posted your image to BugGuide, and we hope that you will get some results. BugGuide is the best source for accurate and obscure identifications of North American insects. BugGuide is the serious brother of insect identification websites, and we are just the smart mouthed, brash and sassy sibling. We are rotating your image 90 degrees clockwise since it fits our site better that way.

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