Stag Beetle from points unknown

Subject: What specie of Beetle is this?
Location: Work yard
July 10, 2016 3:51 pm
Dear, Bugman
I was at work wen i noticed this big bug t first i thought it was a hornet but it till i relised it was a lot bigger that i wassnt so i took a snap of the bug and it looks to be a beetle if this is a bettle what type of beetle is this as i am from the uk and i never thought we had any.
Signature: Yours faithly Tiarone Trimmer

Stag Beetle
Stag Beetle

Where is the work yard?  Zimbabwe?  Belize??  Other???

Ed. Note:  The location field in our standard form is meant to give us a general indication of where in the world the sighting occurred.  Locations like “bathroom” or “work yard” are not very helpful.  As most of our identification requests from May through October come from North America, we suspect this is case with this Stag Beetle, which we identified to the family level because of the shape of the antennae, which is illustrated on the BugGuide site.  Most of the head is obscured by what appears to be a spider web.  Though Tiarone has indicated “i am from the uk” there is no indication that the sighting occurred there.  If this is a North American sighting, it might be Lucanus placidus which is pictured on BugGuide.


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    • You are correct. The written query is somewhat incoherent, and though Tiarone is from the UK, the sighting might not be in the UK. European Stag Beetles, Lucanus cervus, are now quite rare and in fact extirpated from much of the original range, but this might be a female. More information on the European Stag Beetle can be found on The People’s Trust for Endangered Species.


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