Stag Beetle

Any idea how we can find out what this is?
Hope you can help’ THANKYOU There were a few of them in the garden on Friday evening after dark – scarily big about 8 cm long and 3 to 4 cm wide. Big reddish clas on the front…….. They have wings and fly in like bombers, land on the lilac tree and then leave again. We had a few last year but didn’t realize just how nasty they were as we never got up close…..
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Hi Angela,
We couldn’t help but to be amused at your company’s disclaimer. Nasty appearance is definitely the view of the sender and not our view. This magnificent beetle is a male Reddish Brown Stag Beetle, Lucanus capreolus. If you have frequent sitings over a period of years, there must be a good supply of rotting logs and trees nearby to provide a food source for the larvae. There are probably many collectors worldwide who are envious at your population of desireable beetles, both for collections and to raise in captivity.

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