St. Andrew's Cross Spider from Australia

St Andrew’s
Location: NSW, Australia, near the coast.
December 10, 2011 12:17 am
Hi, I noticed you only have a couple of posts about St Andrew’s cross spiders. I thought you might like this picture of one that’s living on a plant outside our house.
Thank you!
Signature: Emma

St. Andrew's Cross Spider

Dear Emma,
Thanks for sending your excellent images of a St. Andrew’s Cross Spider
Argiope keyserlingi, to flesh our our archives.  The Australian Museum has a nice page on the species.  The name St. Andrew’s Cross Spider refers to the X-shaped stabilimentum woven into the web by the spider.  It is commonly believed that St. Andrew was crucified by the Romans on an X-shaped cross in the first century AD.

St. Andrew's Cross Spider

Wow, That’s morbidly interesting! I’m glad you liked the photos. Thank you!

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