Subject: strange sea urchin looking creature
Location: lawrencevilla Ga
September 14, 2014 8:38 pm
Hello. I recently found this strange looking creature which looks like something out n of this world! It looks like a sea urchin looking creature in my back yard . It was just sitting on my trashcan. It is a bright green color and about the size of a dime. It is super sticky and would not respond to my touch or a few drops of water being dropped on it. I have been monitoring it all day and it has not moved a bit. Please take a look at the photos.
Signature: Victor S.

Beutenmueller's Slug Moth Caterpillar

Beutenmueller’s Slug Moth Caterpillar

Dear Victor,
This amazing looking caterpillar is a Beutenmueller’s Slug Moth Caterpillar,
Isochaetes beutenmuelleri, which we quickly identified on BugGuide thanks to an awesome series of images.  BugGuide also indicates another appropriate common name “Spun Glass Slug Moth.”  Many members of the family of Slug Moth Caterpillars are capable of stinging.

Location: Lawrencevilla, Georgia

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