Springtails in the Swimming Pool!

I have springtails in my swimming pool. I was hoping that after covering the pool for the season, and reopening it in the spring, they would have died over the winter. But low and behold, the swimming pool is still full of live spring tails which seem to congregate in the corners of the pool, between the water line and the tiles.
I can’t believe they survived such a harsh winter! I’m so frustrated, and last year I tried just about everything from spraying pesticides around the pool, to shocking it,,,, nothing worked. I’ve read that spraying the tiles with diluted soap ( dawn ) helps temorarily.
my question is this – do you think they will go away, if i empty the pool, acid wash it… let it dry for a while, then fill it again . spray the tiles in the interim and then fill it again.
thank you for your help.

Since Springtails seem to be a big problem with swimming pools, you might want to check with your local pool shop for erradication advice. They do not appear to be harmed by cold weather, and one type is even known by the common name of Snow Flea. They do tend to by cyclical, multiplying when conditions are favorable, and declining at other times. I don’t know if emptying your pool will help.
Its funny because I checked last year and none of the pool stores or pool
companies here in ny ever dealt with them in pools. It seems to be a new thing.

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