Probably Thrips

Subject: Not bedbugs!
Location: West Lafayette, Indiana
June 12, 2014 9:06 pm
I found at least 10-15 of these little guys crawling around on my sheets tonight within the span of an hour. They’re very very tiny, maybe a 10th of the size of the tip of a match. They’re orange/light brown and don’t seem to fly. While they don’t actually jump, they move quickly for their tiny size and what seems like a little jump. I can only find about one every few minutes that’s actually alive, but there are maybe 10 dead ones throughout my sheets too. Any ideas? My window is open 24/7. Could they be coming from outside? I haven’t had any bites or itchy bumps either. They seem to be harmless but are definitely creepy. Please let me know if you can figure these guys out!
Signature: Sarah K

Probably Thrips

Hi Sarah,
While we cannot make out any detail in your image, based on the description you have provided, we are quite certain this is a harmless and benign Springtail.  They like moist conditions.

Update:  June 4, 2020
Based on a new comment, we agree that this might be a Thrips and some Thrips do bite.

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  1. I live in Lafayette and I found these in my bed too this morning, however they do bite me! I literally just got bit while writing this. Please help I’m freaking out and seriously need to know what to do!!!

  2. I live in Knoxville,Tn and I too have found them in my bed and it’s like the have burrowed there self in my skin I have them mainly on my right arm and they do bite and itch like crazy but they bite you all over what are the how do I get rid of them please help and my dogs even are itching and they are yellow very tiny like the picture above and they they roll up when you touch them and pop like a flea what kind of bug is this not a bed bug and when on the bed the burrow thereselfs in the sheets and pillows

  3. Hi everyone! Yes these are still an issue and I get bitten quite often. Not as severe as a mosquito bite but it does itch. This has really bothered me bc all info I’ve read up on about springtails claims they’re harmless and don’t bite. Idk, so many insects seem to be evolving and coming with new hazards and threats to humans. I’ve considered capturing a few and taking them to Purdue University to see if they can be identified but I travel for work and haven’t had time. If you find out anymore info plz share and I’ll do the same.

  4. Yes..I believe that they are adult and larvae aware thrips and can Cause a great deal of damage one’s health & mental psyche if not treated for the real culprit! You CAN do this!! Good luck!!!

  5. Omg finally a picture of something that looks like what is making me go insane ! I thought I had thrips after having fungus gnats on my house plants . I’ve looked and have tried everything!!! How have you guys been treating this ? I even been going to dermatologist. Pls help .

  6. I’d be diligent about making sure vacuuming is happening daily and that any house plants you have around aren’t infested with them. They can slip through the tiny openings in screens on your windows and doors,
    So they can come through those if they’re open. A nice dusting of DE could probably help keep their numbers down. Also make sure landscaping and such is kept up with. Make sure any plants or bushes and such aren’t touching the siding of the house and grass is trimmed and not overgrown. Thrips feed on vegetation and often enter a structure when residents bring in infested plants by mistake. The pests seek out water and may also travel indoors via damp laundry. So just be vigilant, but know there are treatments out there for them 🙂


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