Spottedwinged Antlion

Lacey-wing insect to be identified
I found this beauty (see pic below) clinging to my kitchen curtain, and have never seen one like this, in my 36 years of living in this location (northwest Mississippi ). It appears similar to some pictures of fishflies on your site, but not exactly. As shown by the picture, it has no mandibles so it is not a dobsonfly, either. It has been clinging there since early this morning, and it is now midnight . There was no reaction when I was taking pictures or when I moved the curtain slightly to hold a ruler within a couple of inches of its body. Perhaps it is waiting for a mate to come along? Our outside mid-day temperatures have been hovering on both sides of the 100 degree mark for the past couple of weeks. Perhaps it was attracted to the cooler air from inside the house, when we had the door open? Length of body & head is approximately one inch. Total length, antennae to tip of wings, approximately 11⁄2 inch – 1 3⁄4 inch. The thorax is very slender. Can you tell me “what’s that bug”? Thanks so much for a great website!
Pat G.
Byhalia , Mississippi

Hi Pat,
This is an Antlion, probably in the Spottedwinged Antlion, Dendroleon obsoletus.

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