Spotted Lady Beetle

mystery beetle
Dear Bugman,
I looked at every beetle page and did not find this one. It is a longer, blunt oval….not a roundish oval like a ladybug; but it is about the size of a ladybug. It was on the stem of a pickerel weed in a pond. I could not get closer or a different angle as I was hanging out of my boat with my camera arm stretched into the clump of water plants. Photographed August 15, in a small lake in northeast CT. I couldn’t see with my eyes what it was doing very well…seemed busy at that spot though. Thank you for your help, and thank you for years of pleasure just cruising the photos and reading the comments. I have found almost every insect I looked for on your site…or at least found a clue to family.

Hi Emma,
Thanks for the compliment. Since most Ladybird Beetles are characterized by spots, we are very curious what has earned Coleomegilla maculata the singular distinction of the common name Spotted Lady Beetle, at least according to BugGuide.

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