Splendor in the Grass!!!: Mating Polyphemus Moths

mating Polyphemus Moths
Hello all. It’s Spring in North Carolina, and I just found these rascals enjoying the mild weather beneath my garden hose box. I’m pleased and relieved that I didn’t find the copperhead snake that I’d expected when I originally spotted the edge of one wing beneath the box. Love is in the air, and within 1 inch of the ground. Keep up the good work.
Craig in Central NC

Hi Craig,
Thanks for sending such a gorgeous image of mating Polyphemus Moths. “Though nothing can bring back the hour Of splendour in the grass,” at least there will be a new generation of Polyphemus Moths thanks to this romp on the lawn.

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  1. Because I was “told” that this is called a “Snakehead Moth”, and because I can TOTALLY see why, I am calling it that. But searching for ‘that’ name, got me no where here except to this post, which, I very well enjoyed~ But, I’m wanting to post this pic of my “Snakehead Moth” that I discovered with part of it’s wing missing, conclusion…? It’s days of “any kind of romp in the grass” are over. But would really like to know for sure what it is… since I personally have never seen one before.


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