Spiny Rainforest Katydid from Australia

Subject: Insect in Australian Wet Tropics
Location: Cairns, Queensland, Australia
November 24, 2016 6:16 pm
Hi folks,
Please see the pix (on one MSWord doc of 2 pages; I tried sending JPGs but they won’t go through). The insect is huge. The body is about 2 inches long. It was photographed at night in tropical rainforest.
Enjoy your Thanksgiving and thank you.
Signature: Jim (Hackett)

Spiny Rainforest Katydid
Spiny Rainforest Katydid

Dear Jim,
This is a Katydid and we identified it as a Spiny Rainforest Katydid,
Phricta aberrans, thanks to Oz Animals where it states:  “The Spiny Rainforest Katydid is a very unusual subtropical rainforest katydid from eastern Queensland and northern New South Wales. The body and legs have numerous thorny spines and antennae are very long. The insect is greenish above with different shades of green and brownish colours providing excellent camouflage; the underside is pale.”  There is a nice image posted to ipernity.  The ovipositor on your individual indicates she is a female.

Dear Daniel,
Thank you very much. It is is fact more likely to be the closely related Phricta spinosa, which ranges in rainforest from Cooktown to Innisfail. Cairns is in the middle of this range.

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