Spiny Oak Slug Moth

Subject: Moth
Location: South-central NH
July 16, 2016 9:09 am
Hi, I live in Southern New Hampshire and found a very unusual bug (I believe a moth who had lost parts of it’s wings) on the head board of my bed the other night. I love to have it identified. I gently tapped it with a piece of paper, and it fell to the floor. When I’d returned to the spot a couple of minutes later, it was gone. It had a medium brown, fuzzy body and a large lime green marking on each side of its body.
Signature: Kathleen

Spiny Oak Slug Moth
Spiny Oak Slug Moth

Dear Kathleen,
This is a Spiny Oak Slug Moth,
Euclea delphinii, a species that according to BugGuide:  “adults are nocturnal and come to light.”  The Spiny Oak Slug Moth caterpillar should be handled with extreme caution as it is one of the stinging caterpillars that could cause a significant reaction in sensitive people.

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