Spiny Oak Slug Caterpillar

fern green-yellow-red larvae?
Hi Bugman,
My son found this on a rock next to our house in rural southwestern New Hampshire. The rock has some lichen or moss growing on it, and our yard is quite mossy. It may have fallen off a hardwood tree (maple or alder?) that I had recently shaken. Based on what I could find on your site and others it looks related to lacewing, sawfly or other wasp larvae – but I couldn’t find anything with the frond like antennae or the round green leaf like plates along it’s body. Thanks for your help!

In addition to oak, the Spiny Oak Slug Caterpillar, Euclea delphinii feeds “on leaves of apple, basswood, cherry, chestnut, maple, oak, redbud, sycamore, willow, and other broad-leaved woody plants” according to BugGuide.

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