Spiny Oak Slug Caterpillar

Subject: What is this cat spiller?
Location: Benchley N Brazis county
August 9, 2016 9:45 pm
Found this bug on. My feed cam
Signature: Betsy

Spiny Oak Slug Caterpillar
Spiny Oak Slug Caterpillar

Dear Betsy,
With all due respect, are you in North Brazos (not Brazis) County in Texas?  Also, please clarify what you mean by “Found this bug on. My feed cam” because we don’t understand.  This appears to be a Spiny Oak Slug Caterpillar,
Euclea delphinii, based on this BugGuide image, though BugGuide notes:  “BugGuide photos from the southeastern states previously identified as Spiny Oak-Slug Moth (Euclea delphinii) have been moved to the genus page because we have no information (as of December 2006) on how to distinguish adults or larvae of delphinii from the virtually identical Euclea nanina.”  DNA analysis might be required for precise species identification, so we would not rule out another member of the genus as three species seemingly have overlapping ranges in Texas.  Stinging Slug Caterpillars, including the Spiny Oak Catepillar, should be handled with caution as they are capable of inflicting a painful sting as well as a bad reaction in some individuals.

Thank you. I hadn’t seen an “asp” in many years. The ones I remember were gray or cream color. The colors on this little guy, were so vivid.
I live in the Benchley area off the OSR. It was on chicken’s Feed can. “Gotta” keep the raccoons out.
Thank you for your time.

Hi again Betsy,
Thanks for clarifying that.  Asps are actually a different family of stinging Caterpillar, also called Puss Moth Caterpillars in the Flannel Moth family Megalopygidae while Stinging Slug Caterpillars are in the family Limacodidae.  There are other families with stinging caterpillars including Io Moth Caterpillars in the family Saturniidae.

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