Spiny Flower Mantis from Tanzania

Subject: More from Arusha
Location: Usa River, Arusha, Tanzania
January 25, 2016 11:39 am
Hello again oh wonderful bug folks
Here’s another pic from USA River, Arusha, Tanzania. Great markings on this amazing beastie. No odd-shaped thumb in the pic this time sadly but it was about the length of an adult thumb. Seen mid December in our garden one morning.
Signature: The Wood Family

Spiny Flower Mantis
Spiny Flower Mantis

Dear Wood Family,
Back in 2005 we posted an image of a Preying Mantis that was identified as being in the genus
PseudocreobotraBy 2007, we learned it has the common name Spiny Flower MantisMantid Forum refers to the species as the Spiny Flower Mantis and we found the name Target Mantis in conjunction with the web search that led us to The Tree of Life.

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  1. I posted a picture of the Spiny Mantis back in 2014 where I found it in our garden and watched it grow from small .this year 2017 we found six of them in the garden as well as a ghost mantis


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