Sharp looking fellow
Location: Auburn, NJ
August 2, 2011 11:47 am
Dear Bugman,
Saw this one in the rose bush, though much smaller than a single leaf. Guess he’s come to join the party with all the other bugs roses seem to attract? Good times!
Took awhile, but think I finally found him when I used spines for a search term on BugGuide.
Sinea spinipes. Or at least a close cousin. Would you agree?
Signature: Creek Keeper

Spiny Assassin Bug Nymph

Dear Creek Keeper,
We concur that this is either a Spiny Assassin Bug nymph or a closely related species in the genus
Sinea.  Your email reminded us that we saw an image from another request earlier this week, and we meant to post it, but time just got away from us.  Despite our best intentions, we are unable to respond to even a small fraction of the requests that come our way.

Spiny Assassin Bug Nymph


Location: New Jersey

2 Responses to Spiny Assassin Bug Nymph

  1. Creek Keeper says:

    Dear Bug Man,

    Not to worry. I love your site, and am following with facebook now too. I think it may be next winter before I get all the creatures I find now that I’m really looking ID’d. But that’s ok. Thanks for all you do here. Bugs are fun!

    Creek Keeper

  2. drswanny says:

    In New Jersey, this nymph is probably Sinea spinipes.

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