Spined Soldier Bug

Stink bug or spined soldier bug?
Location:  Northern VA, USA
October 3, 2010 8:01 pm
I’m still having a hard time distinguishing a stink bug from a spined soldier bug. In this photo, I think I’ve got a spined solider bug, but I’m not sure.
Signature:  Patty in VA

Spined Soldier Bug

Hi Patty,
Your insect is both a Stink Bug and a Spined Soldier Bug.  Stink Bug is a general name for members of the family Pentatomidae.  Spined Soldier Bugs are in the family Pentatomidae, and they are further classified in the genus
Podisus, which you may see on BugGuide.  While most Stink Bugs feed on plants using their sucking mouthparts, and many Stink Bugs are considered agricultural pests that would not be welcome in the garden, the Spined Soldier Bugs are predators, and though they may also prey on beneficial insects, their presence would generally be welcomed in the garden.

Thank you very much for your answers to my submissions. I love the website and refer to it often!
Patty Beckmann

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  1. I think I found one of these in my garden … I kill any and all stink bugs but knew there was a predatory “stink bug” that I didn’t want to kill. When I grabbed it to look at it, I noticed it did not emit an odor … I released it. Do these “stink bugs” not stink?

    • We don’t know. Perhaps one of our readers will be able to provide an answer and we will attempt to research the answer as well.


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