Spider Wasp: Entypus unifasciatus

Subject: Wasp?
Location: Skippers, VA.
September 12, 2016 10:04 pm
I found this in our woods in southern Virginia July 30th. It was constantly moving it’s wings and legs while sitting on this leaf. The colors almost look neon orange to me on it’s antennae. I’m new to photography so I hope this photo is okay. Can you please tell me what kind of bug it is?
Signature: thedogzoo

Spider Wasp
Spider Wasp

Dear thedogzoo,
We have identified your beautiful Spider Wasp as
Entypus unifasciatus thanks to this BugGuide image.  Female Spider Wasps provision nests with paralyzed Spiders as food for her brood.  According to BugGuide:  “This species is a typical late summer-early Autumn species in the east (nominal subspecies). July-September (North Carolina). In Ohio (and probably most of the northeast) some adults appear in late June, but most in early July. Most females are seen provisioning from mid-July to September. Out of all individuals seen from Ohio the peak in numbers of captures was from the last half of August.”

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