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Hey Bug man! Love your site, and usually find the name of the bug just by browsing. But I’m stumped on this iridescent blue bug, maybe he’s a wasp? Want to make sure he’s not going to eat my catterpillars, who are happily munching my passion vine (why don’t they eat the flowers?).

In exchange, I have attached some cool pix of the catterpillar who just today started to build its ‘coccoon’, you can see it down at the base…and the fritillaries(I think), who come out. I have roughly twenty cases in varied stages on my house and fence, and roughly 50 or more catterpillars still munching. They seem to love the passion plant for food, and once changed, they enjoy a rose of sharon, crepe myrtle and lantana, also they have been feeding at the hummingbird feeder, and some at the pasion flowers. It has been a warm dry summer, so maybe that’s the reason for the explosion of critters – I didn’t have this many all last year! Here are the photos. I am going to try and photo the one that’s ‘pupating'(?) now as it stages, and can share the other stages with you if you like!
PS – I had visited your site before when I lived in Florida. Just wanted to let you know that you were highly recommended by the local AG office here in Perry, Georgia!
Kaye Fiorello
Perry, GA

Hi Kaye,
What a sweet complimentary letter. Sadly, we don’t recognize your wasp species, but we have high expectations that Eric Eaton will correctly identify it. Eric informed us it is a Spider Wasp. The Gulf Fritillary images are awesome. We don’t know why the caterpillars don’t eat the flowers.

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  1. Barbara and Joe Ziemian says:

    How can my Fritillary Caterpillars survive the wasps on my Passion Plant?????

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