Spider eats Termite in Peru

Subject: Oxyopidae?
Location: Tambopata, Peru
March 26, 2013 3:52 am
Found on a broad leef during the night in Tambopata Nature Reserve in Peru.
Signature: salparadis

Spider eats Termite
Spider eats Termite

Dear salparadis,
We cannot say for certain that this is a Lynx Spider in the family Oxyopidae.  Our first inclination would be to say an Ant Mimic Spider, but again, we cannot be certain.  See some photos of North American Ant Mimic Spiders on BugGuide for comparison.  Tropical species can be very difficult to identify.  The prey appears to be a Termite alate.  Despite our not being able to provide you with an identification, we are posting your lovely Food Chain image.

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