Is this a bed bug
May 23, 2010
I woke up this morning and wanted to clean my sheets. I tore off my bedding and when looking under the mattress I found this guy curled up. I thought he/she was dead but upon prodding he/she woke up. I placed him/her a glass and took this picture. I live in Brooklyn and I have had friends with bed bugs so I am curious if this is one. He/She doesn’t look like a bed bug because he/she isn’t that flat nor does it want to start sucking blood.
I searched the surrounding area all around the wood frame and cluttered parts of my room. I haven’t found any more guys yet.
A man in Brooklyn
Under my matress

Spider Beetle

Dear man,
While under the mattress is a good place to look for Bed Bugs, it is not a typical habitat for Spider Beetles, like the one in your photo, which typically infest stored foods.  Perhaps you eat in bed and the crumbs accumulate.

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2 Responses to Spider Beetle

  1. walter Pinto says:

    We live in Queens in NY and we find this spider b. In the carpet and they bite us.

  2. Mary Marshall says:

    I find these in our bathtub all the time.

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