Spider Beetle

Subject: What’s this bug?
Location: NYC, Manhattan
April 10, 2016 9:28 am
Hi Bugman –
I stumbled upon your website when I decided to do a little detective work to identify a bug I have encountered several times in my apartment.
I live in NYC, in a high rise on the 35th floor. I have found this type of bug more than once in my bathtub. It has a rounded body, though it looks sort of oblong in the photo. It’s very small – smaller than an adult bedbug, and quite fast, so the pictures are not as clear as they could be.
I though it could be a juvenile cockroach but I have seen those and they are quite a bit flatter. This bug has a substantial, rounded backside. It’s abdomen resembles that of a black widow spider but this is clearly not a spider. Any thoughts?
So curious! Your help will be appreciated.
Signature: Tommy G

Spider Beetle
Spider Beetle

Dear Tommy,
This is a Spider Beetle in the subfamily Ptininae.  Though your images lack critical detail, we believe this is a Smooth Spider Beetle,
Gibbium aequinoctiale, and according to BugGuide, they are found in “Mainly houses, flour mills, occasionally warehouses, hospitals, stores” where they feed upon a “wide variety of dead organic materials; may be a dry stored product pest.”  You should check the pantry for the site of the infestation.

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  1. i recently came across this in my brooklyn NY apt….this was in my bathtub, very tiny, .. but mine are slow, (maybe because the tub was cold ?).. i see them only once and awhile.
    they are very tiny, …. i dont see pinchers, like the pseudoscorpion, ..


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