Sphinx Moth Pupa

Subject: What is it
Location: South New Jersey
March 26, 2014 11:40 am
I was removing a Bush From the frount of my yard, and just at root level i found this Cocoon. It is still Alive decause its Tail moves pod and all. I put it in a Jar with holes and placed it on my Boiler to hatch it and see what comes out. I am sending you some photos of it, What do you suggest i do with it.
Please answer back Sensirly: Agatino Caruso of Wall New Jersey , Momouth County.
Signature: Agatino Caruso

Sphinx Moth Pupa
Sphinx Moth Pupa

Dear Agatino,
Was there a tomato plant near that location last season?  This is the pupa of a Sphinx Moth, most likely one of the members of the genus
Manduca that have caterpillars that feed upon the leaves of tomato and some other plants in the family Solanacea.

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