Male and Female Giant Silkmoth from the Amazon

More Brazilian Moths.
Location: Amazon, Brazil
March 1, 2012 4:19 pm
I’ve tried hard and I think this is type of Geometrid moth, and I think both examples are the same species, but I have no idea what. The moth is about 3-4 inches across and long. These are two examples, the first pic was taken in Manaus, Brazil on 24 Jan 2012. The second two pics where taken in Santarem, Brazil last year. I have to admit, of all the moth pictures I have, this is a particular favourite. I love how fat and solid it looks. Can you help again?
Signature: Tracey

Giant Silkmoth: Male Syssphinx molina

Hi Tracey,
We have been a bit busy, and we have not had a chance to do this research which is very time consuming.  We are posting your three images in the hope that one of our readers can assist with this matter.  We suspect the answer to one of your moth identification requests is on the Brazil section of the Sphingidae of the Americas.  The staff took the day off yesterday, and we are now way behind.  We are going to try to post a few simpler identification requests to catch up a bit before returning to your request. 

Giant Silkmoth: Female Syssphinx molina

We believe your second moth may be a Giant Silkmoth, and we are going to request assistance from Bill Oehlke.

Giant Silkmoth: Syssphinx molina

Bill Oehlke confirms identification
Syssphinx Molina of Ceratocampinae subfamily of Saturniidae family.
Was the location in Brazil provided?

A very big thank you.  I appreciate my pictures are among many you receive, and I don’t expect an immediate answer, if at all.  I just hope you can or will help.
Once again you have come up trumps. As I said, I personally loved this moth because of it’s shape.  I’ve been looking at the photograph of the first one wondering about it for over a year.   I never knew of the added bonus of such beautiful colours under those forewings.
Whilst looking through hundreds of photographs trying to identify this, I did manage to identify my dysdaemonia boreas or dead leaf moth,  I just never thought to look at all those moths with the giant eyes on their hind wings.
Once again, thank you so very much.

Hi Daniel
These pictures were taken on board ships on the Amazon River.  As I said, the first picture, the male, was taken in Manaus, Brazil on 24 Jan this year, the moth would have landed on board overnight. The two pictures of the female where taken on 12 Feb 2011, in Santarem, Brazil. Again the moth would have landed on board our ship overnight.

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  1. Not a sphinx, rather, a Saturniid. I’m pretty sure this is a male Syssphinx molina. I would double check with Bill Oehlke. This one is a little darker than other images I have seen of S. molina.


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