Whitelined Sphinx Moth

Subject: Whitelined Sphinx Moth?
Location: Ypsilanti [Michigan]
November 10, 2013 11:47 am
Hi Guys,
I found this beauty a couple weeks ago. After using Whatthatbug.com I think it’s a Whitelined Sphinx
Moth. Just wanted to share and say thanks again for making a great site to identify bugs 🙂
Signature: Rachel

Probably White Lined Sphinx
Probably White Lined Sphinx

Dear Rachel,
What an intense expression you have captured in this portrait of a Sphinx Moth.  This is most likely a Whitelined Sphinx, but a better view of the wings would make us more confident.  The markings on the head look very similar to this photo of a Whitelined Sphinx from BugGuide.  We did not know where in the world Ypsilanti was located, and we thought it might be some exotic Eurasian location, but our research revealed this unusual name as being a city in Michigan.

Whitelined Sphinx
Whitelined Sphinx

Hi Daniel,
Thanks for the super fast response. I didn’t do a great job on my form, I am in Ypsilanti Michigan. I also got the wrong site link of there, fail big time :/ Heres another shot of the moth, It beat it’s wings super fast and the colors and markings look like it could be a Whiteline Sphinx
Thanks again for a great place to identify critters, I know you guys are overwhelmed 🙂
Rachel R

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