Sphinx Caterpillar from Costa Rica

Subject: Suspected Eumorpha in Costa Rica
Location: Carara National Park, Costa Rica
July 23, 2016 12:25 am
Though I’m not positive, I think this caterpillar appears to be in the genus Eumorpha judging by its “tail”. I found it in Carara National Park in Costa Rica, where I saw more species of caterpillar than I could possibly count– it was wonderful.
Signature: Casey

Hornworm:  Eumorpha triangulum
Hornworm: Eumorpha triangulum

Hi Again Casey,
We agree that this is a Hornworm in the genus Eumorpha, and after searching through the Sphingidae of Costa Rica, we believe the images on that site of
Eumorpha triangulum Hornworms look the closest to your individual.

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