spangled skimmer
Location: Andover, New Jersey
July 3, 2011 11:18 am
This gorgeous dragonfly had me stumped. Although I live in northwestern New Jersey, I use Kurt Mead’s excellent Dragonflies of the North Woods as my field guide; there’s just no good dragonfly book for the Northeast/Mid-Atlantic. So at first, I thought this slaty-blue d’fly was a slaty skimmer. But then I realized, with some creative googling, that this species with stigma both black and white is a spangled skimmer, Libellula cyanea, a species not in Mead’s book. The white part of the stigma causes this d’fly to have a lovely shimmering quality to its flight.
Signature: Jean LeBlanc

Spangled Skimmer

Hi Jean,
Thanks for doing the laborious research toward identifying this male Spangled Skimmer.  Upon checking BugGuide, we agree with your identification.  We are especially appreciative because we know how challenging Dragonfly identification can be, because of sexual dimorphism as well as intermediary coloration patterns of adults.  Though we have not seen it, if Jeffrey Glassberg’s book Dragonflies Through Binoculars North America is half as good as the Butterflies Through Binoculars books he has written, it is well worth the expense.

Location: New Jersey

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