Southern Green Stink Bug Nymph

Subject: Bejeweled Bug
Location: West Los Angeles
June 20, 2012 12:55 pm
Hi Bugman,
While trimming our passion Flower vine I spotted this beauty. Can you tell me what it is?
Signature: Jeff Bremer

Southern Green Stink Bug Nymph

Hi Jeff,
This is a Southern Green Stink Bug nymph,
Nezara viridula.  Adults are green and winged.  The Southern Green Stink Bug is believed to be an invasive, exotic species, and according to BugGuide it is:  “a cosmopolitan sp. presumably of African and/or Mediterranean origin.”  BugGuide also indicates:  “highly polyphagous (recorded from hundreds of spp. in >30 plant families), attacking a wide variety of crop plants; especially damaging to new shoots and fruits, including those of soybeans, peas, and cotton.”  Now that you know how destructive they can be, we will admit that the nymphs and adults are quite pretty. 

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  1. Found 3 today on a walk, eating tansy flower heads. Renton, Washington. From this site I am guessing I found 2 colorful nymphs and one solid green colored adult. The Southern Stink Bug has made it pretty far north. 8/2015


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