Southern Flannel Moth

Subject: Never seen this till NOW
Location: Conroe, Texas
May 9, 2014 11:10 pm
I woke up on morning at about 9-10AM the day looked foggy as if it had showered the night before. I let my dogs out my backdoor and I see this orange insect attached to the outer side of the glass of door. I looked closer at it and it looked furry/fuzzy had two white antennae flipped back towards it sides almost. I noticed it had 3 black legs on one side from the point of view I held. Which would mean it had 6 black legs in total. I looked towards its bottom and it looked like it had wings but not the butterfly kind but the beetle kind (short and tucked in) No Idea what it is but it has been bothering me. I posted it in social media and have yet to find an answer as to what the insect is.
Signature: Brandi Hernandez

Southern Flannel Moth
Southern Flannel Moth

Hi Brandi,
When social media fails you, turn to What’s That Bug?  This is a Southern Flannel Moth,
Megalopyge opercularis, and we verified our identification on BugGuide.  The stinging caterpillars of the Southern Flannel Moth which are called Asps, are more commonly encountered than the adult moths.

Wow! Y’all are quick! Thank You! Finally I can rest. Who knew touching them when they’re just caterpillars can be venomous though they look harmless because of their fuzzy appearance.
Thank You!

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