Southern Coastal Dune Trapdoor Spider

Subject: brown spider!
Location: malibu, california
February 6, 2016 12:30 am
hi! we found this cool spider on the street between dunes/beach in malibu, california. tried googling and couldn’t figure out what it was
Signature: Thanks so much! Erica

Trapdoor Spider
Southern Coastal Dune Trapdoor Spider

Dear Erica,
We immediately recognized your spider as a Trapdoor Spider, but we are very excited as we believe we have correctly identified it as a Southern Coastal Dune Trapdoor Spider,
Aptostichus simus, based on this BugGuide image.  All indications are that this species is endemic to coastal dunes in Southern California.  According to an online article we located:  “The tradpoor spider Aptostichus simus inhabits coastal dunes of southern California and the California Channel Islands (Ramirez 1995).  It lives in burrows concentrated in and about stands of native dune vegetation and extending into the dunes amid litter and the root systems of the plants.”

Thanks so much for the reply! So interesting to learn! 🙂 I just moved out here from NJ and can’t wait to discover more things I didn’t find there!


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