Really Freaky Thing
Hello again.
I didn’t have a photo the first time I emailed you last week and now I do, so I’m hoping you can help. We live in Sacramento, CA near a river. This creepy crawly was found in my bedroom…Yikes! I’ve had it in a jar for a few days, and it has eaten once. I fed it some kind of a grub worm and this guy inhaled it. Since then, I’ve tried other bugs but it’s not taking them. Can you help?
PS. You have a fascinating website. My family loves it. Thanks for you expertise.

Hi Gayle,
You have a Solpugid for a pet. They are sometimes called Sun Spiders or Wind Scorpions, though they are neither. They are not venomous hence harmless to people,but they are vicious hunters, ripping their prey, small arthropods, to shreds.

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