Solifugids spared Vacuum Cleaner in the future

Sun spiders
July 9, 2011 10:53 pm
Thank you for your website! I may be able to sleep tonight since finding the picture of the insects that completely creeped me out  for the last couple of nights. And, they would thank you if they could type because I promise I will stop vacuuming them ASAP. A friend told me they were “earth babies” but although I looked at every potato bug pic on the site, they just weren’t a match. For some reason I clicked on Solpiguds (because they look exactly like that word sounds!) and there they were! Thx again!


Hi Kymberlie,
We dug up an especially frightening photo of a Solifugid (newer accepted spelling) to illustrate your comment.  Though they look frightening, Solifugids do not have venom despite having common names that reference other venomous arachnids like Sun Spider or Wind Scorpion.  Since they are adept nocturnal hunters, they will help keep the home free of unwanted guests like Cockroaches.

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  1. That is an exceptionally “scary” looking picture of a Solifugid, and looks like it could give someone a very painful bite!


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