Solifugid or Sun Spider

Subject: Large grey fuzzy bug
Location: Pecos, TX
August 5, 2017 6:22 pm
What is this? Seen in West Texas near Pecos around 8:30pm in August. Was hiding under some clothes on the ground. Looked like 2″-3″ long and I’m pretty sure it growled.
Signature: Susan


Dear Susan,
This is a non-venomous, predatory Arachnid known as a Solifugid, sometimes called a Sun Spider or Wind Scorpion.  Though like Spiders and Scorpions, it is classified as an Arachnid, unlike its relatives, the Solifugid has no venom, so it is harmless, though a large individual might bite if carelessly handled.  Considerably larger relatives in the Middle East are known as Camel Spiders.

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